Shrubbery, Palm and Tree work

Typically, this is just an add on to our basic service to start to form our more inclusive packages which start around $125 and go up. Remember you are getting our Basic monthly lawn mowing (gas) package  and Shrubs and Trees less then 20 ft trimmed.

Shrub clippings that are leaves from shrubs will be left and cleaned out prior to Thanksgiving unless they are the circumference of a six inch circle and those debris are picked up. Typically, we keep all hedges trimmed tight so there isn’t a lot of debris when hedges are trimmed. When you trim every week or when new stalks appear clean up is barely adequately needed, but because we want our client properties to look their best for Thanksgiving, Christmas we will clean them out before these holidays. Hedges are trimmed as needed or bi weekly.

  • Oaks canopies will be raised once a year.
  • Palms will be trimmed 3 times a year.

Please provide an empty two gal. pump sprayer and either white vinegar or a weed killer concentrate and a camouflaged plastic bin. Please leave such bin outside and inside the camouflaged plastic bin should be an empty two gal. Pump sprayer and the concentrate. If it is not forecasted to rain or is not too windy, the lawn crew will spray the weeds with such products in flower beds for free (This is only offered with our monthly lawn packages).

If gas hits $3 a gallon or above there will be a fual charge attached to each monthly invoice or bill.