Itemized Service Options

We offer our Basic monthly lawn  as a starter package. Wesley Chapel Lawn care wants to allow you the client the ability to custimize how you want your property maintained.  Each additional service is invoiced together with your regular general maintenance package, but billed separately and independently priced for your level of need. When you email us, just list off what other service options you would like to be included in your package: #1-#33. Discounts do not apply for any of these service options.

  • (#1) Shrubs trimmed on a monthly bases. (There is an initial up front and or additional clean up cost tacked on to the first month of service for shrubbery trimming. All Shrubs and Trees less then 20 ft are trimmed. Shrub clippings that are leaves from shrubs will be left and cleaned out prior to Thanksgiving unless they are the circumference of a six inch circle and those debris are picked up. Typically, we keep all hedges trimmed tight so there isn’t a lot of debris when hedges are trimmed. When you trim every week or when new stalks appear clean up is barely adequately needed, but because we want our client properties to look their best for Thanksgiving, Christmas we will clean them out before these holidays. Hedges are trimmed as needed or bi weekly.)
  • (#2) Oaks canopies raised once a year.
  • (#3) Palms trimmed 3 times a year.
  • (#4) Air blow and or recut yard to minimize grass clumps up to 67 percent.
  • (#5) Sprinkler every 6 month or one time check up.
  • (#6) Sprinklers exposed bi weekly or every 6 months.
  • (#7) Toy or other pick up prior to mowing.
  • (#8) Newspaper or mail brought to door daily.
  • (#9) Hand weeding.
  • (#10) Hand trimming roses or other delicate flowers.

  • (#11) Bouquet of flowers delivered or installed monthly or weekly.
  • (#12) Take picture of property sent to email if not in state or other reason.
  • (13#) Tractor work: bushhog, grading, play sand.
  • (#14) Dog feces removal weekly or monthly from back yard.
  • (#15) Hiring our other company Dale Complete Landscaping to lay mulch per every 6 months.
  • (#16) Pool skimmed for 80 percent of debris.
  • (#17) Weeds in cracks or flower beds sprayed with your weed killer or line trimmed bi weekly. (This is you paying for us to make the time to spray or kill weeds instead of when we have the time to spray weeds.)
  • (#18) Air blow off fence.

  • (#19) Hurricane clean up when needed. (Right after hurricane an inspection of property and charged accordingly for removal of debris. By adding this add on you are guaranteed to have a crew out to your property asap after storm. Having this in your monthly package ahead of any hurricane gives you asap clean up service and gives you if need be a $20 off rebate for your debris disposal charge.)
  • (#20) Yearly conservation push back of under brush. 
  • (#21) Line trim the edge of property where conservation meets grass.
  • (#22) Rake leaves and trucked away to a safe disposal location.
  • (#23) Feed animals or koi.
  • (#24) Water potted plants.
  • (#25) Vegetable garden (soil, hydroponic, Aquaponics (fish/ Vegetable.)
  • (#26) Line trim wet areas instead of skipping area or driving through wet spot.
  • (#27) For us to wipe or water off mud or grass splatter caused by a line trimmer or mower or an edger where necessary caused by weather conditions or plant conditions.
  • (#28) Blow off window sills if any lawn clippings.
  • (#29) Pick up hedge clippings and dispose of.
  • (#30) Hire Dale Complete Landscaping to cut conservation back 1.3 feet (Some roots or mini stumps will remain).
  • (#31) Mow grass 3 or 4 more times to cut the agressive weed grass that beds or does not cut when mow wet or has any kind of moisture amount on grass or as we call it a weed.
  • (#32) Mandatory edging of all flower beds each week instead of bi weekly edging. bi weekly edging allows and ensures that the edge does not continue to deepen or expand the flower bed further from the hedge. When you edge every week you are pushing the flower bed further out to create that clean look. We like to allow the edge to stay close to the flower beds, but some clients want this edged each week.
  • (#33) Blow off curbs and window sills.

Please provide an empty two gal. pump sprayer and either white vinegar or a weed killer concentrate and a camouflaged plastic bin. Please leave such bin outside and inside the camouflaged plastic bin should be an empty two gal. Pump sprayer and the concentrate. If it is not foretasted to rain or is not too windy, the lawn crew will spray the weeds with such products in flower beds for free, but this is only done when we have time or not raining or there is little to 0 wind.

(This is only offered with our monthly lawn packages. If we have time will honor this. Although, if you want us to make the time and want this done bi weekly feel free to select number #17 from our additional services offered or found here).

If gas hits $3 a gallon or above there will be a fual charge attached to each monthly invoice or bill.