Site Safety

(Adam, removed a trap from the ducks foot.)
Safety is our number one goal

All machines are EPA and OSHA complaint. All riders, but two have role bars. All walk behinds were bought in 2015/16. For the most part, we use stand up/ walk behinds.

We have a John Deere rider that cuts at 4.75 inches for the level highest or point of blade set. Two Stand up Toro machines that cuts at 5 for the level highest or point of blade set. 5 inches. Two Exmark riders (non role bar) that cuts at 5 for the level highest or point of blade set. One tractor with attachments. Our tractor is a 2016 with role bar. The tractor is the smallest made to allow easy access and not very heavy to allow for our tractor in areas most machines would not fit.

All equipment is serviced at Pasco Turf in Zephyrhills.

Each operator must complete a video and 2 months of training or trained as advised due to state regulations. You are tested for understanding of use of tool or equipment as well as retested every six months on random facts must need to know about the machine or tool to properly use. When operating a riding machine near (3 ft or less) water must be wearing our PFD. If you see this not worn, please email and address it PFD and someone will respond to this issue ASAP.

There is always one person on each crew not wearing hearing protection or possible other as a safety

reason. This person talks to his or her crew through a type of sign language about hidden dangers that he or she sees and hears. Everyone else on that crew would be in full safety attire. Having the headphones on limits some sounds one must be aware of while working. Sometimes eye protection can be foggy and unable to see dangers. One person must be aware of danger at all times on the job-site to ensure crew safety.

Any further questions, please contact or so to better assist you and your questions. Please put in the subject line Equipment for faster results.