Push mower or Electric

Wesley Chapel Lawn Care service has limited room for NEW residential lawn maintenance clients. We are taking on, but space is limited. There is more flexibility with commercial property management because they can be done any day of the week.

Push Mower instead of Commercial mower:

Must be estimated in person.

Basic monthly lawn mowing (Electric):
Must be estimated in person. Send us an email for inquiry.

  • If gas hits $3 a gallon or above there will be a fuel charge attached to each monthly invoice or bill. Weekly mowing during Spring and Summer: April 1st – the week before October 15th.
  • Prices do not change for bi-weekly lawn mowing in winter: The week of October 15th is our 1st week off and then bi-weekly mowing till March 31st.
  • Monthly Price per basic service may change due to inflation, vendor pricing change, minimum wage changes. Our prices are designed to cover live-able wages. We will try to give notice, but there may not me at times notice of such change except on the next billing cycle. We try to only increase per two years to limit stress.