Push mower or Electric

Wesley Chapel Lawn Care service has limited room for NEW residential lawn maintenance clients. We are taking on, but space is limited. There is more flexibility with commercial property management becuase they can be done any day of the week.

Push Mower instead of Commercial mower:

Must be estimated in person.

Basic monthly lawn mowing (Electric):
Must be estimated in person. Send us an email for inquiry.

Please provide an empty two gal. pump sprayer and either white vinegar or a weed killer concentrate and a camouflaged plastic bin. Please leave such bin outside and inside the camouflaged plastic bin should be an empty two gal. Pump sprayer and the concentrate. If it is not foretasted to rain or is not too windy, the lawn crew will spray the weeds with such products in flower beds for free, but this is only done when we have time or not raining or there is little to 0 wind.

(This is only offered with our monthly lawn packages. If we have time will honor this. Although, if you want us to make the time and want this done bi weekly feel free to select number #17 from our additional services offered or found here).

If gas hits $3 a gallon or above there will be a fuel charge attached to each monthly invoice or bill.