To be a client of Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service Or a client of Dale Complete Landscaping you must have an email you check!

PLEASE Make YOUR MONTHLY Lawn checks or money order addressed to Payable To:   Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service LLC  Please send all payments to 5730 8th street Zephyrhills FL 33542

PLEASE Make YOUR MONTHLY Landscaping checks or money order addressed to Payable To:   Dale Complete Landscaping  LLC  Please send all payments to 5730 8th street Zephyrhills FL 33542

Most client set up direct bill pay through there banks and we would advise making sure it is cut on the 5th of each month to ensure we receive by the 15th of that invoiced month. Wesley Chapel Lawn Service accepts as payment: barter, Cash, Check, Coin, Major credit cards: VISA, Master Card, Money order, Discover. We do offer credit cards, but there is a $5-10 additional charge added to the bill prior to card swiped to pay for labor and fees to run the card.  Cards can be held on file or you may call over the phone or in pay in person. We will never have payment over our website due to security risks. There is a stringent late fee of $10 that will increase with each month late.

We are a month to month service. You may pay monthly or quarterly instead of monthly.

Any questions please Call  or Email ASAP!

  • If gas hits $3 a gallon or above there will be a fuel charge attached to each monthly invoice or bill. Weekly mowing during Spring and Summer: April 1st – the week before October 15th.
  • Prices do not change for bi-weekly lawn mowing in winter: The week of October 15th is our 1st week off and then bi-weekly mowing till March 31st.
  • Monthly Price per basic service may change due to inflation, vendor pricing change, minimum wage changes. Our prices are designed to cover live-able wages. We will try to give notice, but there may not me at times notice of such change except on the next billing cycle. We try to only increase per two years to limit stress.


Terms: No contracts other then a verbal or emailed agreement that you are hiring a monthly lawn service and paying for maintenance and accept that you verbally agree to pay your monthly statement by the 15th of each invoiced month to 5730 8th street Zephyrhills FL 33542. And you accept all terms for service which were communicated through our website and email transactions or phone transactions.

Summer weekly service starts from April 1st and goes to October 15th. During winter months (October 15th- March 31st) prices do not change. Monthly prices are on a 12 month basis and includes Spring/Summer months weekly mowing and Fall/Winter months bi-weekly mowing. Some lawns may go bi weekly Prior to September 31st due to lack of growth. There is no Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service Month to month Contract. As long as you pay your monthly invoiced amount by the due date (minor exclusions), and do not tell to stop, Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service will continue to service this property and bill accordingly. We have a liability page for all of what we are liable for. If you qualify for a discount, that discount will be explained in the welcome letter and first invoice. There after invoices will indicate just the amount. If you receive a non recurring discount, the next invoice and there after will have the current priced package figure.
Any questions ever, please contact our HR dept (email):