Meet the owner

Easy way for Veggies.

Mr. Dale, the owner started working for a local  company in the green industry when he was 13 years of age, but at 8-9 years of age is when he started mowing the lawn for his family.  Mr. Dale worked his way up the ladder to become a supervisor at age 16 for one of the top lawn companies at the time.  Fred and Tim taught Mr. Dale a lot of techniques and general machine maintenance. As well as arbor and general landscaping techniques. Fred also educated Mr. Dale on Farming. Tim and other employees taught Mr. Dale how to drive the trucks and trailers and the heavy machines (bobcat and Farm tractor).

After high school, Mr. Dale moved to a new town to take over a head supervisor position for a very prestigious property maintenance company lawn dept. There, Mr. Dale increased his knowledge in agriculture.  Mr. Dale learned techniques of fertilization maintenance and weed herbicides as well as the knowledge of all types of organic or environmental friendly options for plant life.

On the off season, Mr. Dale attended trips with his family across the world to different countries for a few weeks at a time and attended College. He graduated with a communication degree, but forgot to at the end of senior year to file for a minor in Political science and a second major in film studies.  Mr. Dale missed graduating with honors by one credit, but graduated never the less. While in school Mr. Dale was on the rugby team as a runner/ line. He also helped the schools IT dept a lot. On his free time provided the mixes for lots and lots of good parties. Mr. Dale played poker and attended other group activities on the campus and or attended sponsored local town organizations. In Mr. Dales junior year of College found the coolest lady on the planet.

Just after college Mrs. Dale and Mr. Dale got word while working full time that Mrs. Dale grand mother was not well and choose to move to be by her side.

Instead of working for just any landscaping or lawn company, Mr. Dale diversified further by Integrated himself with new or different kinds of services. He worked for warehouses to learn organization and things that deal with stream lining a product and other techniques that may not be in the land services, but help give a different kind of learning. He worked for a greenhouse for a little bit, and a landscaping and lawn company. He even worked for a bottling plant just for the team experience. He was able to take this approach because he was able to save while working. This approach allowed him to continue to learn, but have a hands on experience.

In 2007, Dale Complete Landscaping was born. Dale Complete Landscaping does not advertise as to we want you to come to us from by word of mouth. In 2008, married his long time best friend.

Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service was born in 2017. Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service has a friendly working alliance with Dale Complete Landscaping. Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service bought all of Dale Complete Landscaping lawn accounts and formed an alliance to offer a wide rage of products and services to our clients. In 2020, we will open our long awaited garden shop.

Dale Complete Landscaping focuses on gardening and new plant installs.

Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service focuses on lawn care. Two companies working together to better serve you, the clients.

The Dale’s believe in giving back each year and have accumulated a list of favored donation organizations we like to donate to. Those that get our donations are organizations that give directly to the consumer at a relatively $0 cost. When creating both companies to favor those that are working in or since retired in the work force of educational or medical or military or our fire fighters and police with specialized discount packages as a thank you. There is so much kindness we are able to give because of the two companies and our clients.


1. Sod installation: (12+ years experience)

A. Bahia/ pasture grass

B. St. Augustine

C. Zoysia

D. Learning Centipede grass

2. Lawn Mowing: (20+ years experience)

A. All safety videos completed for each equipment own

B. Riding Zero Turns

C. Walk behind Zero Turns

D. Stand up/ walk behind

E. Maintain all machines

F. Use of all hand held field or brush or residential line trimmer

G. Use of Edger

H. Hedge trimmer

J. Use of all hand held field or brush or Commercial line trimmer

K. Power broom hand held or tractor operated for sand or thatch.

L.  Ditch/ slope line trimming

M. Slope mowing

N. Create new edge

O.  To drive all kinds of open or closed trailers including goose-neck (non air break)

P. Safety when using equipment and workplace safety

3. Tree trimming/ other: (16+ years experience)

A. Use of pole saw

B. Use of hedge trimmer

C. Rope tree take down

D. Use of dirt sweeper

E. Tractor/ Field mowing

F.  Undercutting or brush cutting

G. Chopping/ splitting/ stacking

H. Shaping

I. Farming/ gardening

J. Safety when using equipment and workplace and tree safety

4. Sprinkler: (10+ years experience)

A. General maintenance

B. Change filters

C. Change head

D. Fix pipe

5. Drainage: (13+ years experience)

A. lay new pipe

B. Create dykes where needed (concrete or dirt or rock)

C. Fix how water flows and where new direction is needed

D. Found different way then what is taught down in FL when doing drainage. Mr. Dales way does not fail over time.

6. Garden/ Pond installation: (16+ years experience)

A. Love plants and educating on the wide variety (Vasts of knowledge not yet grasped, but working on it).

B. Edible Landscapes

C. Hydroponics

D. Floraculture

E. Aquaponics

F. Xeriscapes

G. Environmentally safe Landscapes

H. Child Safe play space

I. Hardscape

J. Roof Green space or hanging Gardens

K. Zen Gardens

Avocado. Key Lime, two types of Pair trees and what can’t see are grapes, and plums, and assorted fruit plants at a residential property in an HOA (Small lot full of edibles).

7. Erosion: (6+ years experience)

A. Erosion mat (green grass, yellow hay, and a few types of black mat) staked

B. Sod: Bermuda. Bahia

C. Rock: River, Coral, Rip Rap, Pea, Gravel,

Favorite things out of job (in no order):

A. Knowing I am still learning and educating self.

B. Moments in when nature shows its beauty.

C. Fun conversations with clients.

D. Staying fit.

E. Working with my best friend.

F. Making lawns look like “Wrigley field” or striping the yard.

G. Creating shapes or other with hedges.

H. The freedom of the job.

I. Time with my Family.

J. Spending time in my garden.

K. Being able to go Skiing with family.

L. Computer Games – aka Counter- Strike. I am part of a group -=Lethal=- (when I have time).

M. Able to help my parents prepare for the cold snow season by stacking firewood for them.

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