Lawn Care service

Our Donations:

2019 Helped the Samaritan Project with the take down of a large tree and cut up logs for seats.

2019 Donated to the Sheriffs dept.

2018 Took out a shrub/ tree and made a dirt pad for parking for the Samaritan Project.

2018 Donated to the Sheriffs dept.

2018 Dropped off cloths and toys to Goodwill and Woman’s group.

2017 Took down two trees for the Samaritan Project.

Shriners children’s hospital 2018-…

Zephyrhills Pregnancy Care Center (2014-…)

Support bulldogs of Zephyrhills. (4+ years)

Before Irma: The owners gave out boards and screws. We even moved 2 pallets of roofing shingles and supplies for a person. Gave out food cooked to those who needed it.

The hurricane did not stop us from being able to service all of our clients and their needs met. (2017)

Over $3300 in items donated to groups that take donated items and gives directly to persons in need for $0. (2016)

Took a tree take down that spanded 85 ft wide and 150 ft tall tree for “The Samaritan” project. (2016)

 A new kid friendly play space for a daycare in Zephyrhills. (2012)

Toys for Tots/ secret Santa. (2007+)

Candy and snow to kids of Zephyrhills while in Zephyrhills parade. (2007-2008)

Random acts of kindness or “Pay it forward.”  (2007+)