Basic Monthly Package

Basic monthly lawn mowing (gas): Basic calendar monthly lawn service starts at $85 a month: edge and Line trim around flower beds or surface areas. Mow grass on property and air blow off grass clipping from patio/ back porch, front sidewalks, and or air blow off the driveway and street of grass clippings. We do not line trim weeds in cracks or flower beds.

If you have a fence or a pond that we have to maintain on such property, the basic monthly lawn price starts at $110.  There is a lot more work to do in a fenced in yard. A single fence line of a neighbor is priced lower then a fenced in yard.

We only offer monthly service.

No one time mowings.

Those who qualify for our discounts have priced packages at a cheaper rate.

Please provide an empty two gal. pump sprayer and either white vinegar or a weed killer concentrate and a camouflaged plastic bin. Please leave such bin outside and inside the camouflaged plastic bin should be an empty two gal. Pump sprayer and the concentrate. If it is not forecasted to rain or is not too windy, the lawn crew will spray the weeds with such products in flower beds for free (This is only offered with our monthly lawn packages. If we have time will honor this.

Although, if you want us to make the time and want this done bi weekly feel free to select number #17 from our additional services offered or found here).

If gas hits $3 a gallon or above there will be a fual charge attached to each monthly invoice or bill.