Additional, Monthly Package Options

Wesley Chapel Lawn Care service has limited room for NEW residential lawn maintenance clients. We are taking on, but space is limited. There is more flexibility with commercial property management becuase they can be done any day of the week.

Additional, monthly package options:

  • Line trim the edge of property where conservation meets grass.
  • Take picture after job is complete and email or text.
  • Pick up items and dog or cat excrement.
  • Rake leaves and trucked away to a safe disposal location.
  • Feed animals or koi.
  • Water potted plants.
  • Check irrigation and or drip lines for issues.
  • Install mulch as it needs it instead of complete new mulch (gives smell of new mulch all year).
  • Carve a circle around sprinklers on the sidewalk & driveway.
  • Carve a circle around sprinklers in such yard or property.
  • Different kinds of clean ups to property
  • Hand cut exotics or roses that need a starilized tool.
  • Vegetable garden (soil, hydroponic, Aquaponics (fish/ Vegetable.)

For more additional service package information, please drop us an email:  Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service specializes in customized lawn services and Dale Complete Landscaping specializes in customized landscaping services.

Please provide an empty two gal. pump sprayer and either white vinegar or a weed killer concentrate and a camouflaged plastic bin. Please leave such bin outside and inside the camouflaged plastic bin should be an empty two gal. pump sprayer and the concentrate. If it is not forecasted to rain or is not too windy, the lawn crew will spray the weeds with such products in flower beds for free (This is only offered with our monthly lawn packages).

If gas hits $3 a gallon or above there will be a fual charge attached to each monthly invoice or bill.