Dale Complete Landscaping/ Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service is not liable for:
  • If gas hits $3 a gallon or above there will be a fual charge attached to each monthly invoice or bill.
  • If exposed to sunlight cover it up so that sun or UV does not have access to it. Watch for heat build up. If it is a pipe or sprinklers break due to Dale Complete Landscaping doing. We will fix this at no charge to you the client.
  • Please move gutter down spouts 5-8 inches off the ground to avoid ripping from line trimmer.
  • Please make sure lawn and mowing area is clear of objects. If object rickashay and breaks something. In most cases if we see something, will try to be proactive and pick or move it out of way. This is just if we do not see object and is destroyed due to hidden in grass or if rickashay like a base ball and damages glass.
  • IF cable is not barred far enough for edger to make an edge around a flower bed. Most TV internet companies will redo for FREE if cut.
  • Your sod or grass if infected with insect or animal or disease or heat damage or other issues that do not pertain to Dale Complete Landscaping/ Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service equipment or employees.
  • Corners of all HOA houses the mortar will peel off and or show the white plastic. This is due to repetitive wear and tear. We will do our best to avoid from happening and we recommend keeping some spare paint for areas that get wear and tear.
  • Same goes for the sides of the house of HOA properties. As we line trim around your property 42 times at the very least a year the paint will become worn down. We do tamper the speeds to avoid this eventual wear and tear on property, but it does happen.
  • If we notice the edges of gardens being pushed or made to be larger area due to edger doing its job will opt to edge bi weekly to allow for a crisp edge and tight. Edges have tendency to be push further. To keep a nice edge line have to cut close and over time pushes line. To keep line of edge if supervisor decides to opt to do bi weekly edging. This would be the reason. This bi weekly edging can happen in winter or summer. We want a clean look but want to avoid trenches. We like a tight look.
  • If there is a hurricane or tropical storm we will attempt to get everyone done, but there is a chance we might not get to you due to conditions are not safe for our crew or your yard. If we choose to skip mowing, but edge or line trim… you are allowing us to make the decision so not to damage the yard. In the same idea, there may be areas we skip in a storm due to over saturation or the pond has covered the bank limiting us from reaching below the water level. We will do our best and have at times line trimmed entire properties, but there are those times when it just is unsafe and those times we will make what call is necessary.
  • 0 refunds on landscaping or lawn mowing services.
  • Dale Complete Landscaping and Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service are not liable for bug or fungus or worm or disease transfer or other to turf grass.
  • Dale Complete Landscaping and Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service are not liable for shrubbery insects or weed spray death to shrub or plants.
  • Dale Complete Landscaping and Wesley Chapel Lawn Care Service are not liable for faulty gate door lock. We will before leaving shut the gate and make sure shut, but if opens later after we leave or there is an issue with locking system we just can’t be held liable.
  • Debris in yard becoming a projectile and or what it hits. We have shields on our machines, but when mowing a yard we can not see everything that is the grass or turf becuase we mow high. It is recommended that the resident picks up yard prior to us being there. When we are coming is noted or can be found on cover page of invoice.

We will always do our absolute best to avoid issues. They do happen.
In most cases, we as a company will fix before client even knows we damaged it.
We believe in highest quality at all times.
We believe in timely service.
Professionalism goes along way.
It is not our fault for weather or us mowing after sprinklers or rain on your property. We give you every month a list of where we will be and on what day. Ruts due to water issues are not our fault. If sprinklers are running or weather hits on day we are supposed to be there, we are not responsible for any damage to lawn due to wet areas. We will do our best to make sure that we are professional, but ruts may develop due to amount of water on property. If you do not want us to mow after rain, please let us know. Any time you do not want us to mow, you need to tell us, because until told otherwise we are there to do a job. Sometimes it is too wet and will have to do only edging or line trimming till lot or property dry up. So, once again, if it rains, or you run sprinklers on the day of service and you want it cut. We are not liable for marks or ruts because you want us to cut it.
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